Observation! Team two

The activity of the fifth day of our training was to observe the situation of refugees in Athens. We agreed to find possible places where refugees might be. We faced some challenges as hot weather, Ramadan time, as Muslims usually stay at home till afternoon, and of course our own perceptions and expectations. We tried... Continue Reading →


Mission: Observation! Team One

Although the training is over and everyone has reached their homes by now we kept some of our articles in store for this week. On the day before last, the participants were given the task of going on an observation mission in the neighbourhood of Exarchia to be confronted to the reality of the refugee... Continue Reading →

Instead of a closure…. a birth

Symbols can have their own meaning and strength. Our stay in the scout camp, surrounded by forest and the sea has reminded us how connected we all are; human beings, animals, the nature no matter our height, our strengths and weaknesses, our tastes, our needs and colors. We are now leaving our camp but we... Continue Reading →

The hidden success factor

Our training has reached its last moments, the coordinating team, the participants and their friends are getting ready for a little relaxation time and a little party. But we can't do that without a big THANK YOU to Dimitra and Marita that took care of our demanding bellies with tasteful and cooked with love Greek... Continue Reading →

Visiting Khora

This afternoon we all met up in the well known neighborhood of Exarcheia to visit Khora, a Nonprofit Organization that focuses on responding to the needs of the migrants and refugees of Athens. These services run from the basement to the roof top of the 8 story building providing on each floor services for the... Continue Reading →

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