Lesvos Island

Kalimera Pedia!

In order to set the training, here is a little introduction to Lesvos Island.

Lesvos is the third largest Greek Island behind Crete and Evia, and is situated 10 km away from the Turkish coast in the North Aegean Sea, making it one of the biggest first stops for migrants attempting to reach the coasts of Europe.

Lesvos’ geographical position has always been in an interesting strategic position. Closer to Turkey than Greece’s mainland, through history it has circulated under the rule of many different Empires and countries. This has left the Island filled with ancient Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman treasures, which makes it a point of meeting of cultures like no other.

Furthermore, Lesvos is also a rich Island in terms of its nature. Because of its size Lesvos offers a palette of different possibilities in terms of natural escapades. From its sandy beaches to its green olive tree hills, it gives the opportunity for everyone to lay lazily on the beach or to enjoy a hike along the different hiking trails all over the Island.

There is much more to discover about Lesvos and we hope that during this seminar, we will find the time to explore further everything that the Island has to offer….

Here are further links about the Island if anyone is interested to learn more about Lesvos Island:

Discover Greece

Lesvos Tourist Guide

Matt Barrett’s Lesvos Guide



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