Votsala Hotel

The hotel where the seminar will take place is not just any venue…

We selected it not only because it can offer us the comfort to work in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, but also and most importantly because of its owners, Iannis and Daphne, who are already actively taking part in helping refugees since 2010! This is a little about them…

Daphne was born in Athens but has been coming to Lesvos every year from April to October. Since 1994, Daphne and her husband Iannis run the Votsala Hotel, a family hotel that hosts mostly international guests.

At her hotel, Daphne offers to the guests the possibility to come closer to the migration issues. Indeed, Daphne and her husband have been helping directly with the refugee crisis in many ways through different events, fund raising actions and long term projects.

Furthermore, with Shohreh Von Mydell, she funded a non-profit organization is 2012 based in Berlin which aims to provide education programs for young migrants. This Greek-German association has set itself the task of providing education and handcraft classes for migrant -and special unaccompanied minors- on the island. Through Odysseas they support the PIKPA camp, which is run by locals but also volunteers from all over the world. They also give financial support to one nurse in Pikpa Camp and two teachers at the Mosaik – a support center in the middle of the town.

Occasionally Daphne also supports the minors living in the Moria camp offering once a week her hotel for entertainment.  In 2016, every week 20 unaccompanied minors come from Moria to Votsala. They swim, have fun, meet locals and tourists and have lunch.At Ramadan they organized a party for 145 unaccompanied minors.


Nonetheless, it has not always been easy for Dapnhe and Iannis who have had to face some challenges on their journey to help relieve the refugee crisis… However, their generosity and determination to bring change prevails!

We will have the chance to listen to their story and find out more about all the amazing work they do during the seminar next week…

Looking forward to it,

Stay Tuned!

Find out more about Daphni’s NGO here and find out more about the Hotel here!



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