First day, discovery day

The first day of the seminar is completed!

Today we started the day by getting to know each other a little better as individuals. Gio, our trainer from Georgia, facilitated ice breaker games and team building activities to help us to bond and construct a solid team. Here, affinities are created and common points are found. This is when we are all realize yet again how small our world actually is.

After a delicious lunch, eaten facing the Aegean Sea, we returned to our meeting room to start the afternoon session. On our first session of the afternoon Iannis and Daphne, our host in Votsala hotel presented their involvement in the refugee crisis and answered our questions about what Lesvos has been like in the past years since the start of the War in Syria. They gave us a first taste to just how much Lesvos has been impacted by these mass arrivals but also how much the local organizations present before the crisis have changed according to the needs of the refugees and the Island. Their modesty and determination to help was truly inspiring and we will have the chance all week to ask them more questions and find out about their work further in the coming days.

One thing to remember from their intervention today? Daphne’s words: “You cannot changed the world by sitting on the sofa”!

On the second session the focus was back onto us. Every participant according to their home organization presented their work as an organization and their relation to the field of migration. This was the opportunity to learn a bit more about our respective backgrounds and understand what each participant as a social worker or a volunteer can contribute to the team.

We finished with a short reflection session on today’s activities and rushed off to feed our hungry dummies while observing the sunset.

Kalinixta pedia!


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