A living library filled with books of questions.

Today was a day full of information and questions.

We started the day by setting the tone of the seminar, what are our intentions, and wishes for the seminar. What is expected of us but also what we expect to learn on these coming sessions.

Afterwards we presented the refugee crisis from the perspective of our respective countries. In the group we have participants representing Egypt, Macedonia,Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, Germany, France, Georgia, Latvia, Hungary and Ukraine.

This gives us the opportunity to explore the migration situation in all these countries. It was a very informative session. All groups presented concrete data, their general impression of the situation, the civil society’s response to the refugee crisis, the local’s reactions, the challenges faced in each countries, the exciting practices to respond to this crisis and more…

We then all sat together and discussed our impressions after learning about all these countries different approaches to the migrant crisis. This lead to a heated debate on a variety of different topics from identity, culture, integration methods, our roles as citizens, Ngo workers and countries… Lots of different opinions were expressed and many issues were raised. Its fair to say everyone came out of the session with more questions than answers.

Using each other as books of knowledge was fruitful to get to know each other better but also to understand the reasons behind each person’s perspective and knowledge on migration. Furthermore, after reflection, we, as individuals’, can identify the reasons why we perceive the refugee crisis and the different issues it raises the way we do, in our countries but also on the global level.

Nonetheless, let’s not loose sight of the reasons of us being here! Tomorrow we will devote ourselves to finding the answers to all our questions and understanding the refugee crisis on Lesvos.

And as we find ourselves in Greece, the land of ancient Greek philosophers let me finish this blog post by the following statement by Socrates: Wisdom begins in Wonder.

So let’s continue asking why….

Stay Tuned and Think Human!



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