In this afternoon’s structured debate we discussed hot topics!

To the question “is Islam connected to terrorism?”

We saw engaged opinions, devil’s advocates, heated moments… with a conclusion that opinions do exist and it might be a good idea to dig into history, to find connections, to keep in mind the role of the media and the personal interests that are far from what religion actually represents.

From the challenges of the refugee crisis combined with the issue of European Islamophobia, it was a lot to take in… And there is always more to explore….

After the break the debate went on. We discussed the responsibility of ‘Europe’ in the war in Syria. This topic brought opinions and different perspectives on what responsibility actually means, distinctions between a personal responsibility and a governmental one was made. Then, the historical impact of colonization, the fight over natural resources, the profitable economy of weaponry and the influence of geographical location got the debate all fired up.

The conclusion?

There is no point spending our time pointing the finger at who is to blame. Although governments do have a responsibility, us, as humans and citizens of the world, also should take responsibility in how we respond to the challenges we face.


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