Last day or the importance of reflection

Today was the last day of training. The day was full of reflections. On the personal level and group level. We took the time to look inwards and reflect on ourselves. What can we improve in ourselves? In our skills? In our approach to the refugee crisis? How can we address the skills that we feel we are lacking?

Then we discussed different topics that we wished to touch upon one last time before the end of the seminar. For example we looked into what we wish to pursue in the second stage of our training in Athens in June. Then we discussed how to approach the social media of our project once it is in stand by… And we also held a final debate about the vulnerable place of women as refugees.

Our last session was a reflection as a group, everyone presented their personal opinion about what they enjoyed in the training, what they learnt and wish to explore further in the following stages of the project.

Slowly participants are leaving and the seminar is reaching its close. We all go home with a lot of food for thought.

I’m sure we will come back to Greece in June, full of new ideas and a fresh mind to continue exploring what being human in a humanitarian crisis actually entails on the practical level!

This is no a good bye it’s a see you later….



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