Final Reflections from our facilitator

What a week! That our social media support greatly put into words. What we did, how we did it, how it felt, and what it would entail for our work and the continuation of the project…

So how did the first Erasmus +/Youth in Action Activity addressing the Refugee Crisis and taking place on the island of Lesvos actually go? Was it successful?

It is the usual practice for the team of coordinators of such a project to evaluate it. And so that is what we did…

Yes, we did get positive feedback about the activities organised within the seminar and outside of it too.

But still, the most important element that came out of our evaluation was the willingness of the participants to be involved in the next stage of the project in Athens. Not only that but also to make the most of it, by contributing in a very constructive and creative way!

Phase one was the phase of discovery… of the other participants, of the general situation, of our common language, our separate realities, our limitations, our opportunities and of course also a discovery of ourselves. It was an emotional discovery as much as an informational one to learn about the mobilised intervention of the locals and the international community on Lesvos.
Now that Phase one is over, we are practically already at the doorstep of the Athens training, and the excitement is already present! Phase two will be about training and action.

We will focus on the necessary competencies and the accurate use of tools that are necessary and supportive to get involved in a meaningful way when addressing the refugee crisis.

We plan workshops on these competencies and space to familiarize ourselves with these tools. But we will also have the chance to meet some people from Syria. They will tell us about their experience there during the war, what the situation is like now and their personal experience here, in Athens.

Our aim is to conclude by a direct action that will help the interaction with refugees, on the local community level but also with organisations and volunteers. The purpose is to create a meaningful interplay between these different actors, in order to give and take from each other on a human level. Because to us, this is what “Think Human” is after all. We are all human, we all have something to give and we can all receive something in return, not as an exchange but as a gift.

And after all, hey! There is also stage three…. A long way to go but with a great start and a solid base!

Stay with us, as for you, the coordinating team, the participants and the partners of the project, will make this page an interactive space of informative and interesting posts to fill the time in between the stages of the project.

So Stay Tuned and Think Human!


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