Madeleine facing the French Elections

There is the disgust of who he is, of his securitarism, of the economical and social danger he represents. I would even go as far to say that I hate him even more than our little blond candidate who at least has the merit of stating her positions loud and clear. And I come out of a week of reflection on the geopolitical situation that influence or are influenced by the refugee crisis. Jordanian, Turkish, Palestinian, Egyptian, Georgian, Macedonian, Latvian, Ukrainian, German, Swedish and French. We all came together to think. You quickly open your eyes to these different positions, you suddenly realize what certain ideas of the presidential program of Macron and Le Pen would implicate for them.

And we also become conscious of one thing, which to me is essential: once the only mean to fight back that remains is violence, we have reached chaos.

We are not there yet, we are not so far in certain aspects, however when faced with an Egyptian, a Ukrainian, Palestinians and Syrians on the run, we clearly haven’t reached that point yet.

So, I will not vote for the lesser of two evils, I will not vote against Le Pen.

I will vote for a program that to me, seems to preserve the biggest space for ‘resistance’: to fight against this program altogether.

It is no with a blank vote or not voting all together that one expresses anger or disagreement: on the contrary one should express it, loud and clear to break the barriers! We need to put actions in place and already start to prepare how we will ‘defend’ ourselves against Macron’s program.

Because according to me, it is indeed better to avoid the worse and to keep our strength to fight against a system that can’t control itself and that stupidly continues to unfold.

So yes, I will vote for Macron.

In the name of the ten Congolese, of this Guinean woman, stranded on the Island of Lesvos for months who dream to come to France and who pleaded of me not to vote for this crazy lady with the fake smile.

In the name of the Germans I meet, for the Ukrainians, the Georgians, the Swedish, the Italians, for all these people on their way, in the name of the locals of this frontier island stuck in between two cultures.

And I invite you all to do the same, without forgetting that none of this stops us and even more now, regardless of this saddening first election run, to associate the success of Mélenchon with giving us strength to fight more and even more united.




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