Maria, her experience with no filter

Lesvos, a Greek Island. Mytilene, a capital city once famous for its great touristic possibilities. A place, which became a hotspot of the refugee crisis. Islanders who were nominated for the Nobel Prize for their Humanitarian contribution…

This is probably my most sincere blog ever. I can’t really put my thoughts together or systematically plan the information I am going to process in this article. This is me raw…

I am living in Sweden, a country far far away, a paradise, an economy that hasn’t experienced much of the financial crisis, which made me move from Greece in the first place. A country which gave my life back after years and years of unemployment and a country which made me also live in a high standard society with phenomenal social benefits. Just a few weeks ago, I was complaining about me not having everything I want, instead of focusing on what I actually have. Accommodation, food, water and basic rights to education and work.

While Daphne was driving us to our accommodation, a motel owner and a volunteer with years of experience in the refugee and immigration crisis, I saw them. In a camp… just walking around… old almost destroyed clothes, skinny, looking desperate and tired. Are they ever going to get their life back? I can’t dare to even think of it, not because I am a pessimist, but because they are stuck in between systems. And life, human life becomes ghosts, people who walk around like a shadow of what they once were. If I would have just a small opportunity to talk t them, I would say that I will never understand how you feel, but at least I can try…

60 km they had to walk on sunny days as hell to reach to the city of Mytilene, once they were arriving with the boats if they would manage to reach the coast alive. They were promises by the smugglers that this is Europe, these mountains they could see from Turkey was the European civilization. It was Lesvos, an island that tried its best to help them and exploit them in some cases. The islanders made their own choices. Some of them were selling water for the refugees for 10 EUR or battery charging for 5 EUR. Some others were offering them car rides to the city of Mytilene with the risk of being accused of being part of the smuggling system.

Daphne was arrested and had to go through a trial. She was released from accusations as her voluntary work and the testimonies collected were proving that her help was not financed by any means. A strong woman who says that we should think of life in a political way, as a democratic system which respects and protects the human life. Her eyes often shed tears. I get emotional just by looking at her. How could I find her courage to actually take action when it was needed the most?

Turning from spectators to spectactors is not a just a matter of options and decisions, in theory, it also requires the guts to risk our comfort zone and our own well-being in the sake of believing in something greater. The respect to the human life.

We just need to throw ourselves in the deep water as life doesn’t change from our sofa, according to Daphne…



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