First day back, reconnecting

Now that we are all reunited and that we have added three new additions to our group of participants, we spent the day discovering and rediscovering each other.

After a walk around the area and a quick look at the beach we were able to catch up with one another lives’ and recapture the bond we had constructed in Lesvos.

After a typical Espresso Freddo we went on with our morning with an even more typical Mission Impossible team building activity, very slowly the ones and the others were drawn to the activities they were the most comfortable and best at. We achieved this task with no obstacles and like a prize well deserved we ate an amazingly delicious Moussaka for lunch!

In the afternoon, Kostas presented us the schedule for the week and we debated the best way to balance our work and relaxation time. Then the basic rules for a respectful and open environment for us to communicate, share and get along were taken down on a flip chart.

From this basis we can now move forward tomorrow to the real reasons for us being here…

Stay tuned!





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