Summary from day 3, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes

We started the third day with an exercise which helped us to put ourselves in the shoes of other people and to raise our consciousness about the importance of human rights protection and imagining how could it feel, when these are violated.

Then we changed roles and we examined the process of asylum seeking from the position of the decision makers. Our job was hard as we needed to choose one person from five asylum seekers, all of whom were in need. We had passionate debates about the options seeking for a consensus. The experience was surprising as well as a good practice to reach beyond stereotypes and try to decide without judging the others.

We continued the afternoon with a challenging energizer which gave us some useful tips for how not to get evicted from a squat.

In the second part of the day the group decided to get more practical. The implications of the discussions and the debates in Lesvos needed to be articulated into a practical language. Otherwise, merely identifying core problems is not enough to make a change. Theory and assumptions should be reflected to reality. This means all the thoughts that we have had in the first stage are to be set into a body of challenges, causes and solutions in the second stage. And so did the group. We divided ourselves into four groups working on challenges such as media awareness, resources, international gap or decision making. We went behind the issues, collected the approaches and examples we learnt about in our study visits and we tried to develop them with proposing new practices and directions.





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