Visiting Khora

This afternoon we all met up in the well known neighborhood of Exarcheia to visit Khora, a Nonprofit Organization that focuses on responding to the needs of the migrants and refugees of Athens.

These services run from the basement to the roof top of the 8 story building providing on each floor services for the refugees and migrants.

For example, you can find a kitchen on the first floor where both international, local and migrant volunteers participate at cooking and dishing up an average of 800 vegetarian or vegan nutritious and delicious meals everyday day. On the floor above you can find the café where everyone sits and eats together on large common tables.

Going up you can find class rooms where they propose French, English, Greek and Arabic classes. A dentistry, a legal office, a music room, two kids rooms, a women’s space, a free shop and more…

The most surprising initiative of the space? The first basement floor, a wood workshop space where all the furniture of Khora is made by expert volunteers who also pass on their skills and knowledge to whom ever is interest to learn carpentry.

A particularity of Khora to keep in mind? Khora works through consensual decision making. This means that volunteers involved try to reach all their decisions about how to run the building through discussion and comprise. No decision is taken without the consent of all the volunteers present.

Overall, our impressions of our visit to Khora? A self-sufficient, organized, diverse and lively place that reflects a well felt willingness to help refugees.

We warmly thank them for a delicious meal and an a great tour around!

Here is their website:

And facebook page:




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