Day 4, project development

Today is project development day! Different approaches, tools, ideas to address issues, gaps, needs in regards to the refugee crisis in our communities. Participants are in working groups taking this project development step by step towards realization, that will take place in between of this training and our next event in North Greece in November.... Continue Reading →


Youtube Night

Last night we all met in the activity room to watch inspiring or interesting videos that in some way we believed had some relation to the topics of the training. After each video the person that proposed it, explained why they selected it and then we had short discussions on everyone's thoughts and personal interpretation... Continue Reading →

Day 1 by Fruszina and Madeleine

We are all happy to share our experiences on the first day of the training. We are glad to meet again and to share and listen to what happened with us during the last month and a half. Firstly, we were discussing our expectations - we all felt like we should engage more on the... Continue Reading →

First day back, reconnecting

Now that we are all reunited and that we have added three new additions to our group of participants, we spent the day discovering and rediscovering each other. After a walk around the area and a quick look at the beach we were able to catch up with one another lives' and recapture the bond... Continue Reading →

Welcome back with live music!

We are back!! After nearly a month and half away, we are slowly all reuniting to share our ideas for projects to implement in Athens. We are staying in a scout camp next to the beach in Agios Andreas, Nea Marki where we have lots of space and outdoor areas to put in place our... Continue Reading →

Maria, her experience with no filter

Lesvos, a Greek Island. Mytilene, a capital city once famous for its great touristic possibilities. A place, which became a hotspot of the refugee crisis. Islanders who were nominated for the Nobel Prize for their Humanitarian contribution… This is probably my most sincere blog ever. I can’t really put my thoughts together or systematically plan... Continue Reading →

The Forum Theatre explained by Jana

Open Gate/La Strada is an organisation which works with a very specific problem, and that is the problem of Human Trafficking. During these last few years our country of residence, Macedonia, has been directly faced with the refugee crisis, with huge influxes of people, families and children transiting through our country. We have been involved... Continue Reading →

Kate, reflection from the heart

“You won’t change the world from your sofa”. Daphne I was on Lesvos Island for one week on the Erasmus+ project “ThinkHuman”. The main topic was refugees’ crisis. 24 participants, 12 countries, 3 stages. It’s not so easy for me to speak about the refugee crisis, because I have not so much experience in this... Continue Reading →

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